Top 10 Dubai Transport Companies in 2024

transport company in Dubai

Dubai is a spirited city which is notable for its extravagance and skyscraper buildings.

Additionally, it’s also a significant transportation and construction center point. The city’s location and beautiful infrastructure have attracted various transport companies to bloom their business and contribute to Dubai’s financial development.

Let’s have a look at these 10 best Transport Organizations in Dubai which show their exceptional administrations and strength.

1. BVM Transport LLC

BVM Transport LLC has been serving in the transportation industry for over 15 years.


They have a range of transport services including truck mounted cranes, rough terrain cranes, and aerial lifts (including: boom lift, spider lift and scissor lift)  which makes them a go-to choice for logistics, oil and gas, retail businesses and more. 


Their commitment to safety and reliability is highlighted by their ISO 9001;2015 certification. BVM Transport excels in offering transportation solutions that prioritize customer satisfaction. If you want in need of lifting and access services you should definitely consider this. They are renowned in the GCC region by prioritizing zero downtime philosophy and maintaining high safety standards.

2. Royal Truck Transport

This is one of the top truck transport company in Dubai that specializes in transporting goods across the Middle East. They offer a range of services including transporting cargo, containers and heavy equipment using low bed trailers. Additionally they have curtain side trailers, flatbed trailers and box trailers to cater to transportation needs. Their commitment to providing efficient service has made them a preferred choice for businesses looking for logistic solutions.

3. Global Shipping and Logistics

GSL Dubai, a part of the Al Shirawi Group, is a leading shipping and logistics companies in UAE. Their motto “Driven by You” reflects their dedication to delivering excellent supply chain solutions tailored to their clients needs. What sets GSL apart is that they hold five quality certifications that ensure the standards in product and cold chain integrity. They offer end to end logistics services across industries such as goods, FMCG, retail, HORECA, electronics, healthcare and fashion. This versatility makes them a trusted and adaptable partner, in the field of logistics.

4. Famous Star Transport

Famous Star Transport is a considerable transport company in UAE. Their corporate office is strategically located in Dubai which qualifies them to provide reliable transportation solutions. They are highly regarded for their dedication to excellence. They dispense a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clients. With their expertise in the transport industry of Dubai they have become a trusted choice for businesses who are seeking transport services.

5. Jenae Logistics LLC

Jenae Logistics LLC is a logistics and freight company in Dubai. It offers a range of freight management services. They excel in both international freight transport to ensure  import and export customs clearance processes. Their services include consolidation, door to airport and door to door services as well as various options for ocean freight. By prioritizing understanding each client’s logistics requirements Jenae Logistics combines involvement with a global network to ensure compliance, with all regulations minimizing delays and maximizing productivity.

6. Move One Moving and Storage

Since its establishment in 1992 Move One has grown its presence across regions including East Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans and Central Asia. The company has gained a reputation for delivering logistics services assisting with expat relocations and offering moving solutions. With a workforce of over 1,000 employees and more than 80 positioned offices worldwide Move One is known for its ability to provide comprehensive turnkey solutions even in challenging circumstances. The company’s impressive track record spans, across government projects, humanitarian initiatives and private sector engagements.

7. Modern Freight Company (MFC)

Established in 1977 in Dubai MFC has been a trailblazer in the logistics industry of the UAE. Being applauded for a workforce of over 175 professionals it provides cutting edge global supply chain solutions. Operates as an integral part of the esteemed International Cargo Collective network. MFCs reputation is built on its commitment to pricing, real time tracking capabilities, extensive warehousing facilities and streamlined delivery services. Moreover it places emphasis on security and assistance while upholding standards in health, safety, security and environmental practices. It’s worth mentioning that MFC holds ISO certification, across domains.

8. Mubarak & Sons General Transport L.L.C

Mubarak & Sons General Transport is a company that focuses on transporting flatbeds and tippers using a fleet of Mercedes Benz trucks. They specialize in optimizing routes across the GCC while transporting containers, building materials and equipment. Moreover they provide modern machinery such as cranes, forklifts and shovels for construction and transportation projects. In addition to their 

9. Al Taef Star Transport by Heavy Trucks

Al Sahra Transport, is one of the generally known heavy transport companies in Dubai which has been in over 20 years in the transportation industry and offering professional and cost-effective services. This company offers their services across the Middle East and Northern Africa and collaborates with a diverse array of sectors such as construction, manufacturing, oilfield, petrochemical industries, and more. Al Sahra is recognized for its comprehensive and economical transportation services which helped it become a trusted name in the region.

10. Emirates Logistics LLC

Emirates Logistics has made investments in their infrastructure, global networks, technology and knowledge. As a result they have experienced growth. Established themselves as a successful brand, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Middle East. Their services encompass offerings such as moving, office relocation, international freight transportation and warehousing solutions. Additionally the company is renowned for its experience in supply chain management and their expertise, in providing freight and logistics solutions over decades.


Dubai is acclaimed for the efficient transportation companies who provide a range of services into transportation. These top 10 transport companies we listed in the blog exemplify Dubai’s reputation for delivering high quality service, reliability and technological advancements.


If you are ever in need of transportation solutions in Dubai it would be worth exploring the services offered by BVM Transport. BVM stands out due to its dedication to amplify customer satisfaction. If you require transportation services for your business needs, or seeking transport, lifting or access services feel free to contact us.


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