Scissor Lift

Choose Excellence With Our Scissor Lift Rental in Dubai, UAE

Scissor Lifts are one of the most widely used equipment in the field of construction and maintenance today. These lifts are required where workers need to access areas of height in a safe manner, where ground clearance is available. Because of having the flexibility to carry multiple workers and a reasonable number of tools on their extended platforms. 

Therefore, scissor lifts are widely used in the construction, maintenance, logistics and the events industry. They are widely used by contractors for electrical installation, panel installation, welding works, etc. 

It’s used by the maintenance industry mainly to carry out ceiling cleaning and electrical repair work. The logistics industry uses these lifts for lifting and placing cargo. The events industry uses Scissor Lifts mainly for camera and lighting placements. 

Plus, Scissor Lifts also have the flexibility to have accessories like pipe racks, welding machines, air compressors and water pumps installed on their platform to make working conditions easier.

These lifts are usually available in both Electrical and Diesel options. Electric Scissor Lifts are mainly used in indoor areas, where pollution and sound are a problem. Diesel Scissor Lifts are mainly used in outdoor areas, where charging is a challenge. However, with evolving technology and concern for the environment, the usage of Electric Scissor Lifts is increasing rapidly. 

BVM Transport has a wide variety of Electrical Scissor Lifts and Diesel Scissor Lifts for rent. All our Scissor Lifts are maintained in top order and come with all relevant safety certificates. Our fleet is built with the best brands like JLG, Genie and Zoomlion

BVM Transport has Scissor Lifts Rental available in Dubai, UAE from 6 meters to 18 meters. Our Scissor Lift rental period can stretch from as little as a day to over a year. 

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