WHAT IS MEWP? Types of it Explained

What Is MEWP

MEWP is a Mobile elevating work platform. They are used in various construction, utilities, event management, and warehousing work. 

In this blog, we will dive deeper into understanding what exactly MEWP is, and the types of it so that you will be able to select the right machine to do your tasks efficiently.

What is MEWP?

Basically, mobile elevated work platforms are special types of lifts that are used in lifting products & persons to a height with safety & ease. Earlier MEWP was only called the aerial lift. But in 2010,  ANSI ( American National Standards Institute ) changed a few rules of planning, training, and design. And, also declared these machine names as MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms).

Types Of MEWP

By international powered access federation these machines are generally divided into 2 groups based on their characteristics and capabilities. Each group has different types. 

Group A – Mobile Vertical 

In this group, platforms are included that move vertically and have limited or no ability to move horizontally. These MEWPs are designed to perform tasks that require access to elevated areas directly above the platform.

It has 2 Types-

1) Scissor Lift

These lifts are also known as Flying Carpets. Scissor lifts operate with a crisscrossing mechanism that extends vertically to the height from 7.80m to 33.70m. This makes it ideal for use indoors and outdoors for various tasks such as installing ceiling panels, lighting systems, and warehouse work where high shelves are required. However, these lifts need open and larger spaces to operate efficiently. Luckily, in the market narrow models are also available which you can consider to get your work done.

2) Vertical Personnel Lifts:

Sometimes called Verticale Mans Lits. These Lifts are small and used in the tasks of going straight up in the narrow spots to the height of 3.60m – 5.10m. The ability to operate easily makes it perfect for tasks that include maintenance and fixing things in narrow spaces. These lifts have a compact size and great maneuverability which makes them a good fit for various indoor jobs as well. To minimize the injuries, operators need to follow some safety rules and guidelines.

2. Group B – Mobile Boom 

This group includes the lifts that have vertical movement with a significant horizontal reach.  They work well for tasks that require access to both height and distance to offer versatility.

There are 3 types of it-

1) Telescopic Boom Lifts:

This platform has straight arms that extend for the horizontal reach (15.45m – 47.70m)  which makes it befitting for tasks that require access to distant and challenging areas. You may find them being used in construction and maintenance work. Telescopic boom lifts can work at different angles makes also makes them suitable for tasks such as building maintenance and installation. To operate this lift, make sure the operators are well-trained and follow the safety guidelines.

2) Articulating Boom Lifts:

These lifts have joint arms which provide them the ability to reach 10.00m – 43.15 m in difficult areas and work around obstacles with different angles. Articulating boom lifts are the best fit for tasks with require reaching at height with obstructed pathways, such as construction in small areas, building maintenance, and installation in confined places. Just like any other lift, it requires timely maintenance and proper training to operate.

3) Truck-Mounted Lifts:

The combination of mobility and accessibility is something that makes truck-mounted lifts/cranes stand out from the other boom lifts. These lifts can swiftly different work areas that require both outreach and height around 13.00m to 23.00m. These lifts are commonly used in utilities, maintenance, and outdoor construction projects. Don’t forget to provide the operators with proper training to move this lift swiftly and with ease.


So, in this blog, we have lighted on how MEWPs play a crucial role in various industries to offer safe and efficient task completion at different heights. 

Hope to understand the types of it will help in selecting the right machine for specific jobs. No matter, if it is indoor maintenance, construction in tight spaces, or outdoor projects requiring mobility, working with the suitable MEWP is key to getting work done efficiently and with precision.

If you’re considering renting MEWP platforms. Then stay put, because BVM has a variety to suit your needs. Feel free to Contact Us, our team will assist you in choosing the right equipment for your needs.

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