7 Types of Lifts for Construction and Their Uses

7 Types of Lifts for Construction and Their Uses

In construction work, lifts play a crucial role. Because it makes the safe transportation of materials and workers possible to lofty heights. 

If you’re someone in need of a lift for your construction projects, understanding the types of lifts available and their specific uses will help you to make the informed choice for selecting the right lift to get your work done with precision.

So, let’s read further to learn that.

Types of Lifts and Their Uses

There are generally 8 types of lifts used in construction work. Read their uses carefully to understand which one you actually need to rent to get your work done.

1. Articulating Boom Lifts: 

Boom Lifts are also known as Knuckle Lift. It is made with a tall, sturdy ladder with a movable arm attached to it. It works best for lifting materials and workers in narrow spaces, even with obstacles. 

This is a kind of lift that can move up, down, and sideways that allows workers to reach tricky spots without having to worry about falling or injuries. You can think of it as having a robot helper that can extend your reach way up high! That’s why Boom lifts are recognized for their exceptional maneuverability. 

2. Telescopic Boom Lift: 

Unlike an articulating boom lift, a telescopic boom lift only extends in a straight line. No sideways and narrow spaces. Because its structure is a long arm attached to a sturdy base with wheels. Which doesn’t allow it to move to the sides but reach the high places effortlessly. 

Construction work requires lifting and reaching materials to the skyscraper height. Therefore, telescopic boom lifts are used for tasks such as building erection, exterior finishing, window installation, roofing, bridge construction, and maintenance.

3. Cherry Pickers:

A cherry picker is basically a crane with a small platform instead of a hook. It is also used for reaching workers and material to the height. Workers can hop on the platforms, and the cherry picker helps them to reach safely whatever height they want.

This lift is quite versatile because it can move up and down and sideways, allowing workers to reach any spot they need and get their work done with efficiency and precision. It is mainly used for work like fixing lights, painting walls, or installing windows on high buildings.

4. Electric Scissor Lift:

Electric scissor lifts look a bit like a big, rectangular table with guardrails around it. Instead of a boom and cherry picker it doesn’t go up and down but moves straight up and down vertically. 

These are really steady and easy to use, therefore, these lifts are used for construction work. A few works in which electric scissor lifts are used are – Ceiling, painting and decorating, facade maintenance, and roofing.

5. Rough Terrain Scissor Lift:

The only difference between the scissor lift and rough terrain scissor lift is that they have strong tyres to withstand the rugged exterior environment. It can even lift several workers at a time with ease. 

So, if your construction project is in a rugged environment and several workers need to get the work done. Consider opting for rough terrain; it will not disappoint you.

6. Telescopic Forklift:

Also known as telehandlers. It has the same features as the boom lift, combined with a traditional forklift. This lift is efficient in reaching extended heights with additional upward and forward capacity, which makes it a crucial piece of equipment for construction projects running in tricky locations. 

In construction, a telescopic forklift is used for equipment handling, material frame assembly, roofing and facade work, and maintenance and repair

7. Genie Lifts:

These lifts are also known as Genie material lifts or Genie hoists. They are adaptable pieces of equipment widely used in construction for lifting and positioning heavy materials and equipment. 

These lifts are specifically designed to efficiently and safely handle various construction tasks. Here are some common uses of Genie lifts in construction: material handling, equipment installation, building erection, facade maintenance, interior finishing work, utility and infrastructure projects, and event setup and maintenance.


Right lift equipment is essential to get the job done. From the articulating boom lift to the genie lift, servers serve a specific purpose to help workers to safely access elevated work areas and transport material with precision. 

When you’re choosing the appropriate lift for your construction project. Keeping these based factors such as worksite conditions, load capacity, and required reach in consideration is crucial for optimising efficiency, productivity, and safety on the construction site.

For your construction project’s lift needs consider renting from a trusted provider like BVM Transport. This transport company offers a wide range of reliable options, including articulating boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts, cherry pickers, and electric and rough terrain scissor lifts.

BVM’s commitment to thorough maintenance ensures your chosen lift will perform efficiently and minimises disruptions to your workflow. 

Contact Us Today to discuss the best lift solution for your construction requirements and get your work done on time and to the highest standard.



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