Manlifts: What Are They and Their Uses

What is Manlifts

So, have you ever looked up at a skyscraper or a warehouse and wondered how in the world workers get up there? 

More often than not, the answer is—well, typically, a Manlift. First, we are going to look at what exactly a manlift is, then proceed to define the varied uses of this vital piece of equipment and guide you through on how to make an informed choice towards acquiring the perfect manlift that suits your needs. 

Taking its place from construction to the maintenance of every industry, Manlifts take your project to the next level.

So, let’s get started.

What is a Manlift? 

A Manlift is a vehicle designed to lift personnel to work at different heights. 

Flexibility and safety are some of the features in the design of Manlifts to support activities ranging from construction and electrical installation to warehouse management and window cleaning.

Most of these devices contain safety guardrails, harness points, and emergency controls to ensure the user stays maximally protected from falls and other related safety issues when working at raised levels.

Types of Manlifts

There are many variatins of Manlifts, and each has its application and environment.

Scissor Lifts: Scissor lift operate under an X-brace mechanism of vertical moving and provide high stability of the platform for works that need outreach. These are the most convenient lifts for indoor applications, such as in a shopping centre or at a warehouse, due to their small dimensions and easy maneuvering.

Boom Lifts: In a class of their own, boom lifts contain an extending arm that is able to articulate up and down. This kind of manlift is great for jobs in which you need to reach over something, such as tree trimming or working outside of a high-rise building.

Telescopic Boom Lifts: These are more or less the same as boom lifts but have a straight extendable arm for reaching better heights. Therefore, most of their applications are in the building construction and industrial use sectors, more so in areas where the roles to be played at height reach are bigger.

Articulating boom lifts: These are a type of boom lift that has jointed arms, or booms. These give you the ability to position up, over, and in on the job site at any angle around obstacles and are used in locations where access is truly limited.

Vertical Personnel Lifts: Light in weight and simple to handle, these are also known as “personnel” or “push-around” lifts. They have their wide application indoors on shop floors or for maintenance works that are carried out in narrow spaces.

Truck-Mounted Lifts: These are mounted on a standard vehicle chassis to provide mobility.

7 Major Uses of Manlifts

Manlifts are so flexible that they find application across most sectors. Here are a few uses of Manlifts you need to know.

1. Construction

Manlifts are also critically important with regard to work at height, from installation work at upper levels of buildings to facade work, roofing, and painting.

2. Maintenance

It is used for industrial maintenance, for example, in plants; they are used to gain access to high machinery and ceilings.

3. Telecommunications and Utilities

These classifications of workers make easy the installation, repair, and maintenance of overhead lines.

4. Warehousing

Scissor lifts are used in warehouses for positioning goods and retrieval from significant heights.

5. Remunerative

Aiding in setting up lighting and design of the stage in large arenas and theatres.

6. Retail

Manlifts allow the reaching of high displays during seasonal decorations or refurbishments without risking injury.

7. Transportation Hubs

Most facilities, such as airports and rail stations, use Manlifts for their maintenance as well in higher jobs.

How to Choose the Right Manlift

Whenever one has to choose a manlift to be used for some project, there are a couple of fairly important things that need to be taken into serious consideration to be sure that he will end up selecting the appropriate manlift that needs to be used. 

Here is another way to look at this:

1. Evaluate how mental safety measures

Height: How High Do You Need to Go? Different Manlifts Go to Different Heights.

Weight Capacity – Always ensure that the rated weight of the lift being used should support the combined weight of the tools, materials, and personnel riding it.

2. Choose According to the Place

Indoors as opposed to outdoors: If it is a job on the inside, you would like a lift which does not mark up the floors or fill the air with fumes—usually something electric. For an outside job, look to sturdy ones which can take the rougher ground.

Terrain: Consider the ground area on which the lift will be used. The lift can be suited to anything from a smooth warehouse floor to a muddy construction site.

3. Focus on Safety and Efficiency:

Safety Features: First things first—you to ensure that the lift is fitted with all the necessary features to guarantee your safety in use.

Efficiency: You’d also like a lift that gets the work done in a resourceful way, without the extra bells and whistles that might help complicate the work or inflate costs.


Manlifts are essential tools in various industries. It provides safe and efficient access to elevated areas. Understanding the different types and their applications can help optimize their use in your operations. 

When it comes to renting Manlifts, partnering with a proven provider like BVM Transport ensures you get not just equipment but a complete lifting solution tailored to your needs.

BVM Transport maintains its equipment to the highest standards which screams safety and reliability. Furthermore, their support can assist you in selecting the right manlift for your specific requirements by adding value through expert advice and customer service. Feel free to contact them for any query or rental quotation.

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