Why You Should Use a Side Loader? 7 Reasons to Know

Why Should You Use a Side Loader

Looking for equipment that has the ability to lift containers to the slimiest aisles? 

Your search ends with the side loader.

So, What Exactly is a Side loader?

It’s a type of vehicle or machine that helps to move heavy stuff, like big boxes or containers. 

It’s also known as Semi Trailer and Semi Trailer Truck. Instead of lifting things from the top like a forklift, a side loader picks up and carries loads from its side. Loading from the sides helps to lift and manage things that are long or wide without causing any problems.

Apart from this, sidelifters have many other benefits for the companies that need to transport their heavy goods. 

If your company is one of them. Let’s check out the reason why you should be using a side loader for safe transportation.

WHy a Sideloader? Here the 7 strong Reasons to Use it

1. Affordable Labour Cost

Side loaders have built-in cranes that help to load or unload a container of goods harmlessly with ease. The cherry on top is, that the process is automated which doesn’t require a lot of labour for loading and unloading the goods. A few labourers and someone for supervision is enough. As a result, it saves companies a fortune.

2. Competitive Advantage

This equipment allows you to load/unload cargo anytime without the need to use any third-party equipment and a lot of labour. When tasks are performed quickly and efficiently it helps them deliver a seamless experience to your clients and customers. Which ultimately gives you a competitive advantage in terms of impressive customer experience. 

3. Fast Delivery

Quick & efficient delivery without any goods harm is something every business needs. Side loader automatic mechanics that require nearly 5 minutes to operate make it possible not only by delivering good containers on time but also without being hard on the wallet. In addition to that, you can load/unload containers anywhere, anytime from the ground or other trailers/trucks/wagons without being late or having to invest big bucks on labour.

4. Ensure Workplace Safety

Side Loader allows levelled 2+2 lifting with ease, which is optimal for handling fragile and high-value goods safely. On top of that, a side loader can be operated with a single person without the need for excessive labour which not only proves its strength to load and unload massive products but also the safe delivery process. 

5. Faster Turn Around

The ability of fast turnover is what makes vendors and suppliers heavily rely on the side loaders. Unlike others, these trucks don’t take forever to load & unload items. Their usual run time is 3-4 minutes which leads to higher efficiency and faster delivery. The most amazing thing is, that you don’t need to find or wait for a specific place, equipment and workforce to load and unload containers from a side loader. It allows you to do it, anytime, anywhere with minimum struggle. After all, this is what matters most to the business to elevate overall growth and customer satisfaction. 

6. Versatility

Despite heavy cargo, the side loader can lift a wide range of goods. It can be a perfect alternative to cranes and other heavy goods lifting equipment. The shocking fact is, that a side loader has an equivalent capacity to lift around 100-120 tonne-m like a rough terrain crane. It is used for low operational height which makes it less likely to damage due to bad weather and competent for unprepared terrain. Therefore, this equipment is being super popularized among truck and delivery-related companies for its loading capacity and economical cost. For renting good maintenance side loader, always consider the top transport companies in Dubai. 

7. Place Container On The Ground

Putting containers on the ground allows labourers to pack and unpack the goods faster and more efficiently. It saves workers time and energy which leads to increased productivity without burnout. As opposed, the elevated position option includes the risk of accidents and mishaps during the load and unload. In short, with a side loader, you can minimize the potential damage, protect your workers well being and transport goods safely & efficiently.

Rent A Side Loader for Your Business

Whether you’re a shipping, construction or transport company looking for a side loader to get your work done at an economical cost. BVM container side loaders are here for your service. So, click the link to learn more about the features, and feel free to contact us for any inquiries.


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