Top 10 Uses for Aerial Lifts Across Different Sectors

Uses for Aerial Lifts

Mobile elevating work platforms commonly referred to as aerial lifts are some of the most commonly used equipment in various industries. They are very essential in different functions due to their effectiveness in raising workers and materials to great heights safely. 

Listed below are ten ways in which aerial lifts can be applied across various industries.

Top Uses of Aerial Lifts in Various Industry Sectors

1. Construction and Building Maintenance

Also, aerial lifts are widely used in construction to carry out work at various levels of construction and while renovating buildings. It would be impossible to perform jobs that involve working at upper levels of construction without these. They are useful in placing equipment like ducts, electrical wiring, and structures. 

There are many types of boom lifts. However, telescopic boom lifts and articulating boom lifts are especially advantageous because they are great at reaching heights on uneven ground. These machines are suitable at sites with relatively unsanitary terrains, especially the semi-finished construction terrains.

2. Safety Inspections

Some of the common uses of aerial lifts include security inspections of structures like bridges, aeroplanes, and water tanks among others. These platforms help inspectors and engineers to get to the higher and restricted areas to provide intricate safety inspections. This helps to make sure that structures pertinent to the activity are sound and fit to use. For instance, OSHA employs aerial lifts in inspections and investigations of industrial scenes of unfortunate incidents. 

3. Window Washing and Repair

Examples of aerial lifts are the bucket trucks used in cleaning and washing windows of tall buildings in towns. Telescopic boom lifts are mainly used for the top windows while scissor lifts are normally used for the lower to mid-level windows. These platforms create a safer and stable workplace via which the workers can be assured of the completion of their tasks with ease.

4. Orchard and Tree Work

Moreover, the agricultural improvement utilization of aerial rise in our nation can be employed for selecting fruits from orchards. Cherry pickers – which provide workers access into high branches without harming the trees. It is both time-saving and secure as it eliminates the need for ladders that can become precarious when placed on a non-flat terrain. If you’re confused between the workings and uses of cherry pickers and scissor lifts, discover the difference in the blog.

5. Electrical Line Repair

These types of aerial lifts are used by electricians a lot as they repair and maintain electrical lines, transformers, telephone wires etc. For example, a telescopic boom lift will reach the distances (and heights) required for exterior electrical work. On the other hand scissor lifts can elevate electricians on mobile worksites. They ensure the safety of electricians on high electrical installations and provide platforms for their work.

6. Entertainment and Special Events

Entertainment industry uses aerial lifts. These machines are used in stage setting, setting up sound and lighting systems or also used as performance aids. Katy Perry is among celebrities who have been using aerial lifts to make a difference on stage. In addition, these platforms can be found in theme parks for maintenance and repairing rides.

7. Sporting Events

During sporting events, aerial lifts are employed to establish lights and stages. They can install scoreboards at higher points and manage other overhead equipment on behalf of the organizers from higher points, for example scissor lifts are commonly used at East Carolina University during football games in order to ensure safety of the fans.

8. Roller Coaster Repair and Maintenance

Aerial lifts are not an option when it comes to roller coaster repairs or fixing other rides that operate at amusement parks. Telescopic boom lifts help reach the highest points of such structures so that quick repairs can be executed safely. They can also be used to rescue people who might be trapped inside during emergency situations.

9. Indoor Retail Areas and Warehouses

Retail shops and warehouses make use of scissors lift for multiple repair activities as well as logistical movement of goods within their floors. Particularly in warehouses, they come in handy when stacking goods into high shelves or reaching them out from such heights. 

10. Home Maintenance and Repairs

Aerial lifts are frequently employed in managing household chores like painting, fixing the roof, and hanging holiday lights. They offer a secure and effective way to access high areas around the home, thereby eliminating the tendency to take unnecessary risk with ladders. Both novices of home improvement and professionals who work on high-reach areas consider these lifts a must-have.

So, now you have got acquainted with all major uses of aerial work platforms. It’s time to learn how to choose the right aerial work platform for your project or business needs. 

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Final Line

Aerial lifts have completely transformed the means of accomplishing the work of high. Their adaptability, safety technologies, and ease of use are some of the reasons for their all-encompassing application in various fields. From the building and repair processes to amusement and agriculture, aerial lifts carry on with their vital work of developing efficiency and safety.

As the industries grow so do the applications for aerial lifts are likely to be extended, hence, they are more and more becoming the part of a modern day operation.

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